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Reflexology is a non-invasive complimentary health therapy that aims to restore balance to the body.

It is an ancient healing art form, involving acupressure and massage of the feet, lower legs or hands.

It is used to bring about a state of deep relaxation, stimulating the body’s own healing

process and aid:


* Relaxation and sleep disorders


* Relief of stress/depression/lethargy


* Relief of pain (back, arthritis, migraine etc)


* Improved circulation


* Clearing the body of toxins


* Balancing of the body’s systems


* Encouragement of the body to heal any current disorders or injuries


* Post-operative recovery by decreasing pain and increasing healing


* Pregnancy and fertility


* Suitable for pregnant women post 3rd trimester


Based on the principle that all muscles, glands, organs, bones and body systems are represented by reflexes on the feet, lower legs and hands. Specific pressure massage techniques are applied to these nerve reflexes, which improves circulation to the relevant areas allowing the body to begin its own healing process.

By identifying imbalances in the body systems allows them to be worked on systematically in order to release physical, hormonal or emotional blockages.


Reflexology is a holistic therapy which treats the whole person, allowing the body to go into a deeply relaxed state, invoking a sense of wellbeing.

‘Reflexology is for everyone and anyone’


A gentle Reflexology treatment can also help make a difference to the wellbeing of cancer patients by reducing stress and anxiety, enabling people to cope better with illness and pain control, and relieve some of the symptoms and side effects of cancer and its treatment.


The only way to know if Reflexology will help you is to try it!’

Taster session (30 mins.) - £25


(1 hour treatment) - £60 (Course of 6 treatments) - £300


(75 mins. treatment) - £75 (Course of 6 treatments) - £375


(90 mins. treatment) - £90 (Course of 6 treatments) - £450

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