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Body Treatments

Designer Body Wraps


Escape the stress of a busy life with a Designer Body Wrap! 


Our Designer Body Wraps include a body brush or body exfoliation and a rich,

creamy mask with plant extracts, chosen according to your needs and applied all over the body. 

Following this, relax and enjoy being cocooned in a heated blanket leaving the benefits of

the mask to take effect.

Designer Detox Wrap (Detoxify, Drain, Eliminate) 70 mins. - £70

A detoxifying wrap designed specifically to eliminate toxins after too much indulgence! 

This treatment includes body brushing and a lymphatic drainage massage,

concentrating on the tummy and thigh areas, followed by a detox mask. 

Ideal to help remove toxins and reduce water retention, leaving your skin feeling silky

smooth and moisturised.

Designer Firming Wrap (Tone, Firm, Regenerate) 70 mins. - £70

This luxurious body treatment is specifically designed to firm and tone your areas of concern.

Enjoy a body exfoliation, lymphatic drainage massage and a comforting wrap whilst the

benefits of the firming mask take effect. Ideal to help remove toxins and improve

the appearance of cellulite leaving your skin intensively hydrated and your body feeling

toned and regenerated.

Designer Revitalising Wrap (Flow, Activate, Stimulate, Circulate) 70 mins. - £70

This energising wrap awakens your senses with a stimulating body brush and

body exfoliation followed by an invigorating massage and active mask.  

You will then be cocooned in our comforting wrap whilst the enzymes work to

break down dead skin cells to leave your skin luxuriously smoothed, nourished and your

body bursting with vitality.

Designer Relaxation Wrap (De-stress, Unwind, Balance) 70 mins. - £70

This intensively relaxing treatment starts with a soft body brush, following by a relaxing massage. 

Your nourishing mask will be applied all over the body and you will then be cocooned

in a heated blanket to drift away…. You will emerge feeling calm and tranquil and your skin

will feel truly pampered.   

Localised Treatments

Choose from:

Body Brush & Scrub (45 mins.) - £50

Get your skin beach body ready!   Based on the traditional body brush and salt scrub treatment

this full body exfoliation, followed by a moisture lock for essential hydration, leaves the skin

feeling silky smooth!

Purifying Back (40 mins.) - £45

A facial for the back! A purifying and re-balancing treatment for the skin, leaving it decongested and clear.


Perfect Detox (40 mins.) - £45

Specifically designed to target vulnerable areas such as hips, thighs, bottom and stomach. Essential oils and creams, applied with an anti-cellulite massage, will break down fatty tissue and drain away toxins, reducing cellulite.


Perfect Legs (40 mins.) - £45

The perfect antidote for tired, aching legs. Helps eliminate swelling in the lower legs and feet, leaving

a light, more refined appearance. Excellent for pregnancy!


Add on Treatment - £15

Increase your pampering by boosting your treatment with an extra 15 minutes of further indulgence to leave you fully relaxed and revitalised!


Choose from:

                     ·       Facial massage

       ·       Back neck and shoulders massage

                      ·       Foot massage

             ·       Hand and arm massage

               ·       Indian head massage

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